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Hey look

2012-07-28 17:43:11 by Frakon

So I got a tablet for my birthday and now I can draw more easily because using a mouse sucks, enjoy the submissions!!


2011-07-18 04:36:50 by Frakon

It's always blackest before the dawn? But the true question is, will I get better at music?


Oh look

2011-07-12 10:18:25 by Frakon

New audio submission, pending it's doom, hopefully not?

Somewhat proud. :(


2011-01-11 01:46:12 by Frakon

Don't expect too much too soon.


Stay Tuned. I'm not expecting or forcing you to. but tune...


2010-12-28 19:03:07 by Frakon

Two things....

1. Need time a lone to do audio for new song. I might get committed to a psych ward if my family hears me.

2. Need new lyrics. Old ones are Irrelevant to how I feel now. I was a little......Angry....Why i made them.

Stay tuned!

New song

2010-12-24 22:09:24 by Frakon

New song on the way. Was inspired by fury. I am a screamer in training. Blam me if you want. Also about to read rules for audio and see if vocals are allowed.


2010-12-22 05:06:27 by Frakon

Idk what i will choose as my main uploads. Probably music, or maybe some art. I have experience with flash and I'm not very good at music but check out my submission, it's sorta a sample, comment and rate if you like.

20 Bucks no ones reading this